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March 18, 2013
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    "Oh for the love of God...." (Y/n) groaned and shoved her face in her pillow. She had been laying in bed all day, having caught an aweful cold. She would get into coughing fits easily, had to blow her nose every five minutes, and, every now and then, felt extremely nauseous. This sucked, she had plans with her friend too! England, though she prefered to call by his human name, Arthur. She would have to call him and cancel, much to her disappointment.

    So, she popped a cough-drop in her mouth so she wouldn't get into a coughing fit while she spoke, and grabbed her phone. She sniffled and bit as she heard a soft click from the other end, followed by a sexy British voice on the other side answering with a "Ello?" "H-Hey, Arthur..." "(Y/n)! What's wrong, love? You don't sound very good..." Well he hit it on the nose with that one... "I-I'm s-sorry, Arthur... I c-can't come o-over.... I caught a cold..." Though Arthur felt saddened at the news that she couldn't come over, he was more so worried than anything else. "If you want, love, I can come over and take care of you?"

    "N-N-No... It's f-fine, Arthur." "No, I insist love, I should at least help you get better!" (Y/n)'s heart fluttered a little, a smile forming on her lips. She swallowed her pride and sighed. "O-Okay..." Arthur smiled and stood up from his chair, putting a bookmark inside the book he had been reading previously. "I'll be right over, love." Click.

    (Y/n) let her arm fall limp a bit, sighing. "T-This will be interesting..." She muttered under her breath. After a couple of minutes, she put her phone back on her nightstand and rubbed her eyes. 

~~~~~~~ Later, with England. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Arthur pulled up to (Y/n)'s home, feeling extremely worried. She hadn't been sick for so long, and the last time she had gotten sick, it was aweful. She couldn't even move out of bed, much! He thought it'd be nice to watch her for a while. Yes, he was aware that she isn't a child... but... he did truly care for her. Over the years of their friendship, he had developed what some might call it, a crush for the girl. He loved her (e/c) eyes, which seemed to sparkle with happiness every day. He thought her (h/c) hair, even when she had cut it short to see what it would have been like, he thought it was still adorable on her.

    His cheeks turned red at the thought. He just shook his head and got out of his car, pushing any extremely affectionate thoughts out of his head for the time being. He tried to open the door, but it was locked... "Dammit..." He mumbled. Wait. Wait. He remembered (Y/n) telling him about the key she left hidden by the front door, in case he needed her urgently. He began looking around, behind the small shrubs that were planted by the door, the flowers, beneat the porch... Then he thought of something simple, and look under the welcome mat. "There you are, you little bugger..." He mentally facepalmed himself for not thinking of it earlier, and grabbed the key. He unlocked the door, and walked inside her house, making sure to leave the key on the table that sat close by, and close the door.

~~~~~~~~Back to you! > w < ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    "Arthur....?" She mumbled quietly, only to start coughing soon after. Her last cough-drop had long since been dissolved, and she really didn't want to get out of bed to get more, so she stayed still and drank her water. A knock came from her bedroom door, and she weakly muttered a "Come i-in..". It opened to reveal her British friend, the same one with the shaggy light blonde hair and the thick, caterpillar eyebrows that she actually found attractive for him. "Love, are you okay? I came as quickly as I could..." "Y-Yeah, I'm fine Artie..." She smirked a bit, knowing how much he hated that nickname, and giggled watching him wince at it. "Please don't call me that..." He facepalmed a little, causing her to laugh more, which only resulted in a coughing fit. "Well, s-s-stop making me laugh..."

    He smiled and sat at the foot of the bed. "How long have you been sick for, love? You looked perfectly fine two days ago." "Oddly, almost t-three hours after we talked." "Hm.." He sighed a bit. "I told you that you should have worn a scarf and a thicker jacket..." (Y/n) rolled her eyes. "Okay, mom..." This caused a small chuckle to ring out from her friend. "I might as well be your mother, I've had to take care of you more than enough times." "Y-yeah, yeah, y-y-yeah.... you know y-you h-had fun..." "Whatever you say~" They both had goofy smiles on their faces now.

    (Y/n) smiled a little and grabbed a hair-tie from her nightstand, sitting up a bit. It was getting a little too warm, so she tied her hair up in a messy bun before laying back down, a few strands of her (h/c) hair hanging loosely from the bun itself, and simply laying in front of her face in general. Arthur thought she looked adorable, so he couldn't help but blush. "A-Are you okay, A-Arthur...?" "Hm? O-OH! Yes, I'm perfectly fine, love." He smiled nervously and rubbed the back of his head. "Are you sure you're not sick? Your face is pink.." She said almost jokingly, but their was worry laced in her small voice. "As I said, I'm alright love. Would you like me to make you tea?"

    She smiled and nodded. "T-That sounds g-great, t-thank you..." He smiled warmly and stood up, then walked to her kitchen. He looked around, but didn't see any tea leaves. "Hm.. she only has tea bags... Oh well, I suppose that will do for now." He mumbled and prepared the tea. It wouldn't taste as good as how he made it, but it was still tea, and it was good for you, right? As he walked back in, two cups of tea in his hands. "Here we are, love." She smiled up at him, her slightly blood-shot (e/c) eyes sparkled a little. "Thank you..." She mumbled quietly and took her cup, sipping it.

    They continued with friendly conversation for a little while, enjoying eachother's company. They continued like this until they both ran out of tea and Arthur would have to go get more for them both. She enjoyed him so much, he had always been such a gentleman to her, even if he did have his "tsundere" moments. Though, that only made her giggle, because it made him seem so adorable. Arthur eventually came back with their tea once again. (Y/n) had lied down a bit, yawning. "Are you tired, love...?" She simply nodded her head.

    Arthur smiled and set their tea down on the table. (Y/n)'s (h/c) hair had fallen in her face, out of her bun, and she was being too lazy to push it out of her face, she just looked too tired. He blushed a bit, gaining an idea. He leaned down a bit, putting his hand on her face. If her face wasn't already flushed from the cold, (Y/n) was pretty sure that her face would be blazing right now. He gently pushed her hair out of her face, a small, kind, and loving smile tugging at the corners of his lips. She looked up at him, sniffling a little, as he leaned down completely and gently kissed her forehead. "You really are burning up, love.." He quietly said. "I-I-I k-k-know..."    

    She looked up at him and smiled weakly. "A-Arthur...?" "Yes love?" "W.....Who do you like...?" Arthur's face turned bright red. "W-What-? Why would you randomly ask that, y-you git!" There goes his tsundere levels. She just giggled a little. "W-W-Well... I was just wondering b-because..." She wasn't sure if she was going crazy from her cold, or if she just felt a sudden burst of confidence, but she just continued. "I... think I like you..." Arthur's face turned an even brighter shade of red. "R-Really love...?" "Yes...." He just gulped, but smiled more. "I like you too love...." Well, she wasn't completely expecting that, but it made her happy none-the-less. "I'm glad...." "Me too...."

    He bent down once again, kissing her on the cheek. He let out a tiny chuckle. "I would kiss you love, but I'd rather not get your cold." (Y/n) looked up at him and pouted. "N-Now I hope you do, s-since y-you've been around m-me almost a-all day." "True point, and that's not nice to say, git!" Cue (Y/n) giggling cutely again. "I-I love you..." Arthur just crossed his arms and looked away a little, face cherry red by now. "I love you too..."

I got a REALLY bad cold over the weekend, so I got inspired. xD I know there are a lot like this, but whatever. xDDDDI hope you liked it, I tried. xD I failed, but oh well. *crawls into my fabulous tsundere corner* :iconimfabulousplz:
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Awesome story!!!~
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OMG I'm so sorry that's awful! Q7Q Thank you so much, I hope you feel better!! QuQ
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I've got a nasty cold and this made me feel alot better! Thank you! I :heart: this story~
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